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Dear Natalie, 

Eat, Pray, Love, Next year in Jerusalem

Tzfat sounds fabulous.  I never got to go when I was in Israel.  Maybe we will go together!  I really want to see that 'angel' with the head scarf and buy some of her jewelry.  It is so amazing that you're talking about Eat, Pray, Love.  The other night Gary and I were snuggling on the living room couch and guess what was on one of the cable stations?  Right, Eat, Pray, Love.  We sat there like teenagers, eating buttered popcorn out of a giant bowl and watching it.  Gary thought some of it was just too beyond for his tastes.  He has no interest in deep meditation or finding a way to embrace the universe by sitting in some strange place in India or wherever, while you try to get to the center of the universe.  But we both loved all the scenes in Italy and of course, the love story in the end.  Actually, we more than loved the ending when they got so romantic.  We moved from the living room to the bedroom and I guess you can guess the rest!
I'll really miss Gary when I come to see you in Jerusalem.  It is so refreshing to have a guy in my life who is so normal and thinks I'm great.  I can hardly believe it.  My therapist said I'm ready for a great relationship.  She said I have really worked at having a strong, loving relationship with myself and that is the major first step.
How is David?  What else are you doing? 
See you soon! 

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Dear Maggie,

Today I went to Tzfat. It is the most magical town. I took a bus tour by myself as David was super busy with meetings. Actually, there were 10 of us in a van with a guide. It was so interesting because on the ride down and the ride back the guide told us so much other stuff about living in Israel. Uri (that's his name) was an older man, about 65. He came to Israel when he was a little boy. His parents left Germany in time. He fought in several of the wars, including the Yom Kippur War in l973. He told us all about it. His best friend lost an eye in that war, but the medical care and the rehabilitation were so good, that he went on to a full life and even stayed serving in the army. Everyone, at least the men, serve and then can be called up until like they are 53. Those who refuse to fight, such as pacifists, get other jobs. One job is picking up all the remains and body parts if a bomb goes off or there is a shooting. Can you imagine? Everything about a human being is considered sacred, even a lost limb.

Well, on to the town. It is up high on a hillside and supposed to be one of the most mystical places in Israel, maybe the world. The elevation is about 3000 feet. Since the 16th century it has been considered one of Judaism's Holy Cities. That's because the mystic part of Judiasm was developed here. You know, Kabbalah. Do you know anything about Kabbalah? I don't but I'd like to. As soon as we started walking around I felt different. I felt so pure in the town. The air was so clear and I could just imagine people praying and getting closer and closer to God, like in Eat, Pray Love, when Elizabeth Gilbert got to India and finally got closer to the essence of it all. We must come back when you get here.

I bought some great jewelry in Tzfat also. A necklace, earrings to match and a bracelet. There were all created by this beautiful girl that looks like an angel except she wears a headscarf instead of a halo. Here are pictures!

Love, Natalie

Next Year in Jerusalem Tzfat The Holy City

Next Year In Jerusalem - Live, Live, Pray

Next Year in Jerusalem - Tzfat The Holy City

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