Dear Maggie, The Panda Bear is so cute. Sounds like you had a great day with Gary. I would suggest you try to put aside some of the past with your ex. You are not the same person you used to be! I saw how you took hold of your business the last five years and took yourself from a depressed, angry homemaker to a successful business woman. Bad marriage, bad divorce. Good marriage, well that is a different story. And some day you will have a good marriage. I'm sure of that. Or the most amazing love affair the world has every known. How does that sound?

Speaking of love affairs, I am a little worried about Jack getting in touch with me while I am in Jerusalem. Don't yell at me! I know you think I was stupid to even 'friend' him. But we all 'friend' everyone in our pasts, don't we? Isn't that part of the whole Facebook thing? Connecting in a new way to old connections? Mmm so you think maybe I am rationalizing? I can hear you across 6000 miles.

Anyway, with David so busy, I keep thinking about some of the things Jack and I did. Things I shouldn't be thinking about. Romantic stuff. I don't want to remember some of it, but it keeps floating back into my head. What can I do? Help me.

The silence is deafening. The only good news is that you will be here soon. When you are here, we will be so busy I won't need to daydream. I'm going for a swim in the hotel pool now.

Love, Natalie

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