Dear Natalie,

I bought my plane tickets today. I told Gary that I'm going to Israel. He was actually excited for me. He said that he will miss me, but he wouldn't want me to miss such a great opportunity. I was shocked and quite touched. I am still so used to my decisions being trivialized by my ex. Often, when I would tell him about something good for me that I had finally decided to do, like taking my first interior design course, he would repeat one of his favorite sayings: "That and a dollar bill will get you a cup of coffee." What kept me with him for so long?

Don't bother to answer that question. Thank G-d I finally had the courage to go it alone. Well, I am not quite alone. Gary is wonderful. Did I tell you that he has received awards as a detective? He has solved 'cold' cases. I guess his most famous case was the murder in White Plains about 20 years ago of an elderly couple in their apartment. Do you remember? The case was on the local New York news last year. Gary was the detective. I'll tell you the details when we are together.

I can't wait until we are together. Make sure you don't go to meet that mystery woman again until I get there. I don't want to miss any possible adventures. Just stay busy shopping and seeing museums.

Gary and I went to the Bronx Zoo and saw the Panda Bears. Isn't this one cute?

Love, Maggie

Maggie Gets Ready to Join Natalie in Israel

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