A great question!  Probably for exactly what you have already implicitly stated in your question.  Working clinically with women for 30 years has taught me a lot about us ladies.  We are different from men and very complex!  We are easily hurt in ways that even people who love us don't always realize.  Our moods can make us colorful but also 'difficult'.  Our passions make us energetic and compelling, but also can lead our thought processes and get us into tough corners.

We are all fascinating.  If you get the chance to 'be' inside another woman's mind, to experience her past as she felt it, remember her memories, feel her longings, agonize around her dreams, see how she thinks, be in her moods- what could be more fascinating?

I have had the chance over the years with hundreds of women who have been my patients or in my workshops for The Enchanted Self.  Now it is my turn to create characters, such as Natalie, Maggie and Chaya Sarah, in Next Year in Jerusalem, that give you, the reader a chance to be in their shoes and know how it feels to have sudden romance, mystery and spiritual development occur.

Isn't that fun?  And neither you nor I have to be their Doctor.  W can just enjoy the ride! 

I have been thrilled to put down my Doctor label and join you!  Because in truth, the three characters took over as I wrote and directed not only the plot but what we would all privileged to know about them!  They helped me write a compelling book, the first in The Jerusalem Series.  That's right.  Their story is not finished, just as none of our stories are.